08 September, 2010

the Wait and the Frustration

I'm 2 cm dilated and she's supposedly due tomorrow! She hasn't dropped so we'll see. At this point I want the pregnancy to be over mainly because of the shortness of breathe and the inability to sleep no many how many pillows are between my legs and under my stomach. Frankly, sleeping for only 2 hours at a time til she wakes up is better than never making it to REM at all!!

On top of that Kyle has been frustrating me. He says one thing, then the opposite not even 20 minutes after. "It really upsets me when you don't say 'our apartment' or 'our baby'!"
Couple hours later
"So I guess from now on we will be referred to as 'we' and 'our' and I won't be able to have 'me time'!"
And then there was; "I'm so frustrated that none of our friends call to hang out with us anymore because we have a baby."
then, 15 minutes later after I got a hold of his cousin, Jeff, to see what he was up to;
"I just want to have a lazy day to play video games and get stuff done around the house.And we don't have the money to go do stuff!"

He complains, I try to fix the problem, and he still complains! I gave up! I got up and grabbed the clothe diapers and some of my dirty clothes and went downstairs to do laundry. He is now playing his video games! Yet as soon as I start knitting, I'm the guilty one for not doing anything productive. At least my hobby will prove to be useful come the Apocalypse!

Am I the only knitter out there with conflict from friends and loved ones? I feel like I am sometimes!!

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