25 April, 2009

End of One Beginning Another

Finished Sarah's hat in time for the Crazy Hat Party hosted by the 272 Gang.
The pom-pom is a little flat but she wanted something really big. the cable goes all the way down the ear flap and only looks bigger because I changed the colors. Then there are just braids for the ties coming from the ear flaps.

So now that I got that done I was starting a log cabin blanket to take along our camping trip, but this recent 80 degree weather is really changing my mood from blanket making to cotton halter tops but we shall see who will win...

On a different note, my boyfriend Kyle will be moving in with me. He is still a little irate that I keep knitting things that AREN'T his scarf...but with this weather...I can't really stand to look at it right now.
i probably wont pick it up til it gets colder.

13 April, 2009


Yesterday was Easter, had an IHOP breakfast with Sarah, my second family. Neither of us were able to be with our own family so we planned on exchanging baskets later after work.
We put Sarah's little bunny, Maggie, in an Easter basket and a bow on her head and took pictures, because we both love forced Kodak moments.

09 April, 2009

Sarah's Magnificent Hat

Sarah has designed and commissioned me to knit her a slouchy hat with earflaps...and pom poms.
Last night Steph came over for comforting and Sarah to help with comforting and Kyle was just there to see me. Somehow this little gathering turned into a knitting party of sorts. Kyle just wanted to practice knitting and became frustrated and began putting himself down for dropping stitches. Steph wanted to knit a hat on straight needles and Sarah wanted to do her homework while making sure I was working on her hat.

Kyle soon became very annoyed with knitting and started using my needles as drum sticks.

But back to the hat...

I'm in the process of decreasing while keeping the cable from getting smaller. I have until Saturday do finish it in time for 272 Riverknoll's "Silly Hat Party"


Funny World

So many thing to complain about in the world. Too many, I find. Our Government, our country, their country, taxes, lack of money, spoiled generations, deterioration of our speech, school system, television, movies, stars doing this wrong, presidents saying this wrong, people are inconsiderate and selfish, no one is saving the environment, no one is stopping this war.

Too many!

What about the rarest of rare moments when someone does something kind...for no apparent reason? No body notices these because they instantly become suspicious. Why would they do that? There must have been a reason!! They must have some evil reason behind it!

But why? Why is it so impossible to be so nice?

A lady showed her appreciation for my good customer service by buying me a cup of coffee from our cafe! And that single act has made this day more beautiful than I had ever planned on making it out to be! It made me want to return that happiness to someone else. And I hope I have. But I am not the judge on whether I have. It is for the people who received that kindness that decide on whether it made them happy.