30 September, 2010

The Beginning of Motherhood

Neala arrived over a week late on September 18th. 12 hours of labor and NO Epidural. I feel that is an accomplishment; at least when I tell other mothers that, they make me feel like I have accomplished something great. I DID have Nubain...but it slowed my contractions down and I ended up needing Pitocin, but I made it through transition without any pain meds!!

I'm finding in my first weeks of Neala, I am becoming much better at multitasking. Such as, breastfeeding, knitting, and using my foot to operate the Xbox to watch movies on Netflix. She STILL has no set schedule, and will eat and sleep when she pleases, and trying to get ahead by pumping milk to be stored for later is damn near impossible since she is constantly hungry. Still debating on giving her formula every now and then. Kyle is against it...otherwise I would have done so already.

On a knitting subject, I am doing my first lace shawl(with actual lace yarn, no substituting with worsted and larger needles). Its the Pretty Maids shawl from Knitty's Deep Fall collection.

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