23 August, 2010

Any Day Now!!

Neala (pronounced Nay-la) is due Sept 9th. Everyone has started making their predictions on which day. Some go by the fact that she is my first and so therefore will come late, others go by how I was born, and I was three days early. Josie's prediction was for tomorrow. I'll be working tomorrow and info and four of my co-workers made up an elaborate plan for me to deliver there at the store. That way it could be posted as an "above and beyond" event on the company's website.
I really hope my water doesn't break there! Or if it does, it doesn't grab attention so I can sneak out before George or Doug find out :-)
Kyle and I have moved into a much larger place just a couple blocks down from the old one. Its in an apartment complex that was once the Normandie Hotel in the 1920's. Neala will have her own room when she's older. The place is safe there are security cameras and Kyle's cousin, Jess, works in the building.
I'm nervous, but also very excited to meet my daughter, see her face, watch her personality develop. I also just want the whole pregnancy part to be over. The muscle aches, lack of sleep(which wont stop even when she's here), the shortness of breath, and the not being able to have a good drink ;-)

I've been spending my time working, knitting(things that I shouldn't be knitting) and "nesting".
I have been washing her clothes, and fretting over which outfit I want to bring her home in! The room is not anywheres near done, but she won't be there her first few months. Since I'm breastfeeding she'll be with me and Kyle in our bedroom. Mom is bringing over the cradle that she bought for me.

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