18 November, 2009

Poor Jack

I've fucked a lot up! Stopped caring about my classes. Stopped caring about my bills! Stop about my apartment! I don't know if its because of all the deaths around me. First Jeff, then Mike, and now Nancey! I can't just put myself into a depression anymore. I gotta live!! I gotta do shit!! I can't just sit in my apartment and knit and log onto facebook every 5 seconds! Thats pathetic!!
So its starting today!! Just used up all of my saved money for rent on my bills! Started cleaning the kitchen! From now on gotta watch spending!! No more yarn buying!!

10 November, 2009

My Hermione Hat

So I was watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner from Azkaban a couple of days ago(my favorite out of all the Harry Potter books) and I became obsessed with Hermione's Cable and bobbles hat. I knew there was a pattern for it in the Harry Potter knitting book, but I had no money and no way to get out and get the book, so I made the pattern from scratch. This will be the first one I have ever put to writing. Do what you want with it. make it and sell it it but please please please give me some credit for it!!

Hermione's Cable and Bobbles Hat

I used US8 circ/dp needles
and Lamb's Pride worsted ( the name of the color faded on the label so which ever color you want. Its actually more red than in the picture)

Guage: 4.5 sts/inch
Fits 21" circ.

-C6B=put 3 sts on cable needle and hold in back, K3,K3 on needle
-T4B=put next 2 purl sts on cable hold in back, K2,P2 on needle
-T4F=put next 2 knit sts on cable, hold in front, P2, K2 on needle

-CO 84
-K2P2 ribbing for 20 rounds, more if you want a thicker cuff.

-set-up round:
(k6,p4,k6,p9,k2,p1) 3x

R1: (C6B,P4,C6B,P9,K2,P1)3x
R2: (K6,P4,K6,P7,T4B,P1)3x
R3: (K6,P4,K6,P7,K2,P3)3x
R4: (K6,P4,K6,P5,T4B,P3)3x
R5: (C6B,P4,C6B,P5,K2,P5)3x
R6: (K6,P4,K6,P3,T4B,P5)3x
R7: (K6,P4,K6,P3,K2,P7)3x
R8: (K6,P4,K6,P1,T4B,P7)3x
R9: (C6B,P4,C6B,P1,K2,P9)3x
R10: (K6,P4,K6,P1,K2,P4,mB,P4)3x
R11: (K6,P4,K6,P1,K2,P9)3x
R12: (K6,P4,K6,P1,T4F,P7)3x
R13: (C6B,P4,C6B,P3,K2,P7)3x
R14: (K6,P4,K6,P3,T4F,P5)3x
R15: (K6,P4,K6,P5,K2,P5)3x
R16: (K6,P4,K6,P5,T4F,P3)3x
R17: (C6B, P4,C6B,P7,K2,P3)3x
R18: (K6,P4,K6,P7,T4F,P1)3x
R19: (K6,P4,K6,P9,K2,P1)3x
R20: (K6,P4,K6,P4,mB,P4,K2,P1)3x

-Do pattern twice before Decrease. I tried to keep with the pattern while decreasing, so it might seem a little more complicated than it should have been, but I was winging it!

R1: C6B,P4, (put next 3 sts on cable, K2tog,K1,K3 on cable),P7,P2tog,K2,P1,C6B,P2,P2tog,C6B,P6,P2tog,P1,K2,P1,C6B,P2,P2tog,C6B,P6,P2tog,
P1,K2,P1-Dec 6 sts (78 total)

R2: Continue in Pattern
R3: K6,P4, K1,K2tog,K2,P6,K2,P1,P2tog,K6,P3,K2,K2tog,K2,P6,K2,P1,P2tog,K6,P3,K2,K2tog,K2,P6,K2,
P1,P2tog-Dec 6 sts (72 total)

R4: Continue in Pattern (now is a goos time to change to DP's 24 sts on 3 needles)
R5: !st needle[C6B,P4,(put 2 sts on cable, K2, K2tog on cable), P4,K2,P2,P2tog]
2nd and 3rd[C6B,P3,(put 2 sts on cable, K3,K2tog on cable),P4,K2,P2,P2tog]-Dec 6 (66 total)

R6: Continue in Pattern
R7: 1st needle[K6,P2,P2tog,K3,P2,K2,P3,P2tog]; needles 2 and 3[K6,P3,K2tog,K2,P2,K2,P3,P2tog]-Dec 6 (60 total)

R8: [K6,P2,K2tog,K2,P2,K2,P2,P2tog]3x-(54 total)
R9: [C6B,P1,(ok put p st and next k st on cable, K2, K2tog on cable),P2,K2,P1,P2tog]3x(48 total)
R10: [K6,K2tog,K2,P2,K2,P2tog] 3x-(42 total)
R11: [K5,K2tog,K2,P2,K1,K2tog] 3x-(36 total)
R12: [K4,K2tog,K2,P2,K2tog] 3x-(30 total)
R13: [K3,K2tog,K2,P1,P2tog] 3x-(24 total)
R14: [K2,K2tog,K2,P2tog] 3x-(18 total)
R15: [K1,K2tog,K1,K2tog] 3x-(12 total)
R16: [K2tog] 3x-(6 total)

Cut yarn and fasten off!!

03 November, 2009


Sometimes, giving sucks. Well, only when the person you give to acts oblivious to it, and/or doesn't return the favor. And there are different degrees of giving. Like giving a friend one of your Reese's after trick or treating, if they don't give back, not a big deal! But then there are moments when you give something valuable, something that is precious to you and they don't thank you or return the favor. That is when it hurts! You almost feel like you gave up a piece of yourself and it only goes to shit! You don't feel as whole as you did. You start off feeling something for this person, I can't think of a word describing what that feeling is perhaps a type of love, even if this person is a friend. And you want to give something to this person, as a sign of your affection. And you want that something to be special hoping that it will also mean something to the person. So when you give it, whatever it is, your nervous you have a little bit of fear as to whether that person will accept it, appreciate it. And if they do, fantastic! You two have a connection, you can go further in that relationship you have even more of that indescribable feeling for the person. But if they don't, the pain and let down is terrible. You feel worthless, like shit. And you have a new hatred for the person, even for a little while. You also lose respect for them. Sometimes, depending on what you gave, this only lasts for a little while and sometimes and can completely end what you felt for the person.

In my case, it hasn't ended anything, put its put me closer to that point. I have lost a little bit of love for him and respect. I tried giving him something that I thought, judging from past conversations he would really love from me. But there was no acknowledgement and there was no return. And now I am angry, and upset. And trying to figure out what to do now. How to confront him without sounding stupid and pathetic. But at this moment just trying to calm down and think rationally!!

27 October, 2009

Lifeless Wasteland

Its been a while! Ok, a summer! I'm not someone who can keep a regular schedule of these things. I get bored easily. I only write when I need it out! When no one around me will listen. Kyle and I are still together which is a miracle to me. He is really good at making big lists of all of my faults. His only fault I see is that he makes this list. Everything else I can surpass, everything else doesn't bother me, because I know that is just the way he is and I can't change who he is. But it feels like he is constantly trying to change ME. I wonder how much longer this is going to last. One minute I absolutely love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him and the next, I want to get the hell away from him. Like right now! Which is why I am writing here! But I might end up going for a walk in a little bit and listen to Type O.

On a knitting note,
I am going to attempt dyeing for the first time here in my little apartment. And I will be dyeing with kool-aid and my microwave. Will definitely document it with photography when I can FIND my camera!

12 May, 2009

Nervous feelings and a Bolero

So I have very little time to memorize all of the info I need to talk about on the tours, which I will be starting tomorrow!!!
I am trying to change this nervousness into excitement. Most of the info I already know for as many times as I have gone to the Lilac Festival. Its the numbers I am worried about. But that's what index cards are for right? Its a good thing I won't know any of these people.

I have also started knitting a Bolero I found a pattern on Ravelry:


I think its cute and can't wait to be able to wear it to work!!

10 May, 2009

No Noose Is Good News

Done with Lover boy!

So I am volunteering for the Lilac Festival again this year! This time I get to give the guide tours aboard the motor coaches! I get to be the tour guide!! You know, what I'm going to school for!
So I am VERY excited!

And with my excitement of both that and Spring finally arriving, I have been all over the place with my knitting! The main thing I am wanting to knit now is a wrap/shawl or poncho. Kyle keeps mocking any of the patterns I find saying they are for old ladies. And even though I have finally found one now, ("Razor's Edge from Stitch'N Bitch Nation) I can't decide what freakin yarn to use!
And I am on a budget so I can't get anything fancy!

01 May, 2009

We're Not In Highschool Anymore Dorothy!

I have been out of High school for three years now...and I was kind of hoping I was going to leave the ridiculous drama behind. The kind of drama that overflows and overwhelms. The childish kind of drama.
When a friend is trying to create a serious relationship with every girl he talks to because he is so desperate to replace what he lost with another friend. He doesn't realize he can never replace her, and no girl will ever be like her. So stop the comparison. And when he finds a girl he likes it takes him only 3 days of conversation to ask her to be his. If he could he probably would have written her a note saying "Will you go out with me? check yes or no"
Now the girl he has his sights on is an R.I.T girl. And she's the kind of R.I.T girl who LOVES the attention of all the guys. Who is so desperate for such attention, she will sleep with any and all of them! And lover boy is just another guy on her list.
Lover boy has constantly been warned about these girls. Lover boy has been given a great deal of advice on how to deal with what she did. Lover boy is an idiot and doesn't listen. Fine. Just don't come back to your friends and expect them to fix it and make you feel better again. It is now your own damn problem and you will be alone in it!!!

25 April, 2009

End of One Beginning Another

Finished Sarah's hat in time for the Crazy Hat Party hosted by the 272 Gang.
The pom-pom is a little flat but she wanted something really big. the cable goes all the way down the ear flap and only looks bigger because I changed the colors. Then there are just braids for the ties coming from the ear flaps.

So now that I got that done I was starting a log cabin blanket to take along our camping trip, but this recent 80 degree weather is really changing my mood from blanket making to cotton halter tops but we shall see who will win...

On a different note, my boyfriend Kyle will be moving in with me. He is still a little irate that I keep knitting things that AREN'T his scarf...but with this weather...I can't really stand to look at it right now.
i probably wont pick it up til it gets colder.

13 April, 2009


Yesterday was Easter, had an IHOP breakfast with Sarah, my second family. Neither of us were able to be with our own family so we planned on exchanging baskets later after work.
We put Sarah's little bunny, Maggie, in an Easter basket and a bow on her head and took pictures, because we both love forced Kodak moments.

09 April, 2009

Sarah's Magnificent Hat

Sarah has designed and commissioned me to knit her a slouchy hat with earflaps...and pom poms.
Last night Steph came over for comforting and Sarah to help with comforting and Kyle was just there to see me. Somehow this little gathering turned into a knitting party of sorts. Kyle just wanted to practice knitting and became frustrated and began putting himself down for dropping stitches. Steph wanted to knit a hat on straight needles and Sarah wanted to do her homework while making sure I was working on her hat.

Kyle soon became very annoyed with knitting and started using my needles as drum sticks.

But back to the hat...

I'm in the process of decreasing while keeping the cable from getting smaller. I have until Saturday do finish it in time for 272 Riverknoll's "Silly Hat Party"


Funny World

So many thing to complain about in the world. Too many, I find. Our Government, our country, their country, taxes, lack of money, spoiled generations, deterioration of our speech, school system, television, movies, stars doing this wrong, presidents saying this wrong, people are inconsiderate and selfish, no one is saving the environment, no one is stopping this war.

Too many!

What about the rarest of rare moments when someone does something kind...for no apparent reason? No body notices these because they instantly become suspicious. Why would they do that? There must have been a reason!! They must have some evil reason behind it!

But why? Why is it so impossible to be so nice?

A lady showed her appreciation for my good customer service by buying me a cup of coffee from our cafe! And that single act has made this day more beautiful than I had ever planned on making it out to be! It made me want to return that happiness to someone else. And I hope I have. But I am not the judge on whether I have. It is for the people who received that kindness that decide on whether it made them happy.