12 May, 2009

Nervous feelings and a Bolero

So I have very little time to memorize all of the info I need to talk about on the tours, which I will be starting tomorrow!!!
I am trying to change this nervousness into excitement. Most of the info I already know for as many times as I have gone to the Lilac Festival. Its the numbers I am worried about. But that's what index cards are for right? Its a good thing I won't know any of these people.

I have also started knitting a Bolero I found a pattern on Ravelry:


I think its cute and can't wait to be able to wear it to work!!

10 May, 2009

No Noose Is Good News

Done with Lover boy!

So I am volunteering for the Lilac Festival again this year! This time I get to give the guide tours aboard the motor coaches! I get to be the tour guide!! You know, what I'm going to school for!
So I am VERY excited!

And with my excitement of both that and Spring finally arriving, I have been all over the place with my knitting! The main thing I am wanting to knit now is a wrap/shawl or poncho. Kyle keeps mocking any of the patterns I find saying they are for old ladies. And even though I have finally found one now, ("Razor's Edge from Stitch'N Bitch Nation) I can't decide what freakin yarn to use!
And I am on a budget so I can't get anything fancy!

01 May, 2009

We're Not In Highschool Anymore Dorothy!

I have been out of High school for three years now...and I was kind of hoping I was going to leave the ridiculous drama behind. The kind of drama that overflows and overwhelms. The childish kind of drama.
When a friend is trying to create a serious relationship with every girl he talks to because he is so desperate to replace what he lost with another friend. He doesn't realize he can never replace her, and no girl will ever be like her. So stop the comparison. And when he finds a girl he likes it takes him only 3 days of conversation to ask her to be his. If he could he probably would have written her a note saying "Will you go out with me? check yes or no"
Now the girl he has his sights on is an R.I.T girl. And she's the kind of R.I.T girl who LOVES the attention of all the guys. Who is so desperate for such attention, she will sleep with any and all of them! And lover boy is just another guy on her list.
Lover boy has constantly been warned about these girls. Lover boy has been given a great deal of advice on how to deal with what she did. Lover boy is an idiot and doesn't listen. Fine. Just don't come back to your friends and expect them to fix it and make you feel better again. It is now your own damn problem and you will be alone in it!!!