09 April, 2009

Sarah's Magnificent Hat

Sarah has designed and commissioned me to knit her a slouchy hat with earflaps...and pom poms.
Last night Steph came over for comforting and Sarah to help with comforting and Kyle was just there to see me. Somehow this little gathering turned into a knitting party of sorts. Kyle just wanted to practice knitting and became frustrated and began putting himself down for dropping stitches. Steph wanted to knit a hat on straight needles and Sarah wanted to do her homework while making sure I was working on her hat.

Kyle soon became very annoyed with knitting and started using my needles as drum sticks.

But back to the hat...

I'm in the process of decreasing while keeping the cable from getting smaller. I have until Saturday do finish it in time for 272 Riverknoll's "Silly Hat Party"


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