03 April, 2010

Happy? Easter.

The only plans made for Easter this year were with Kyle's parents and cousin on Easter Sunday. Which should be interesting since his father has no intention of talking to either of us and his mother, although very excited about the baby, doesn't really make any appearance that she likes me. Needless to say it will be a bit uncomfortable. Jess will be there which will help. I love Jess!
Meanwhile, my mom's side have NO plans whatsoever, or at least haven't bothered telling me. And though dad invited me I know for a fact that he only asked because his wife told him to. If it was up to him he would forget about me completely. He loved us all when we were little, but as soon as we grew up, he wanted nothing to do with us. Especially now that I am having a baby! Sometimes I really hate him! And I wish it didn't have to be like that! After all he put me through I still can't ignore him, he's my father! Even if he has rarely ever played the role!

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